AABB handler include header. More...

#include <SDL.h>
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Data Structures

struct  AABB_t
 Axis-aligned bounding box handle data. More...


typedef struct AABB_t AABB
 Axis-aligned bounding box handle type.


SDL_bool AABB_BoxesDoIntersect (const AABB stBoxA, const AABB stBoxB)
 Check if two axis-aligned bounding boxes intersect. More...

Detailed Description

AABB handler include header.

Function Documentation

◆ AABB_BoxesDoIntersect()

SDL_bool AABB_BoxesDoIntersect ( const AABB  stBoxA,
const AABB  stBoxB 

Check if two axis-aligned bounding boxes intersect.

Can be used to trigger events e.g. when two entities intersect

stBoxABounding box A
stBoxBBounding box B
Boolean value
Return values
SDL_TRUEBoxes intersect
SDL_FALSEBoxes do not intersect