Entity_t Struct Reference

Entity handle data. More...

#include <Entity.h>

Collaboration diagram for Entity_t:

Data Fields

 Axis-aligned bounding box.
Uint16 u16Flags
 Flag mask.
double dPosX
 Position along the x-axis.
double dPosY
 Position along the y-axis.
double dSpawnPosX
 Spawn position along the x-axis.
double dSpawnPosY
 Spawn position along the y-axis.
SDL_bool bIsJumping
 Current jumping-state.
Direction eDirection
double dAcceleration
double dVelocityX
 Velocity along the x-axis.
double dMaxVelocityX
 Max velocity along the x-axis.
double dVelocityY
 Velocity along the y-axis.
Uint16 u16Width
 Entity width in pixel.
Uint16 u16Height
 Entity height in pixel.
Uint8 u8FrameOffsetX
 Frame x-offset in frames.
Uint8 u8FrameOffsetY
 Frame y-offset in frames.
Uint8 u8AnimFrame
 Current animation frame.
Uint8 u8AnimStart
 Animation start.
Uint8 u8AnimEnd
 Animation end.
double dAnimDelay
 Animation delay.
double dAnimSpeed
 Animation speed.

Detailed Description

Entity handle data.

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