Map_t Struct Reference

Map handle data. More...

#include <Map.h>

Collaboration diagram for Map_t:

Data Fields

tmx_map * pstTmxMap
 TMX map handle.
SDL_Texture * pstAnimTexture
 Texture for animated tiles.
SDL_Texture * pstTexture [MAP_TEXTURES]
 Map textures.
SDL_Texture * pstTileset
 Tileset texture.
Uint16 u16Height
 Map height in pixel.
Uint16 u16Width
 Map width in pixel.
double dPosX
 Position along the x-axis.
double dPosY
 Position along the y-axis.
double dGravitation
 Gravitational constant.
Uint8 u8MeterInPixel
 Definition of meter in pixel.
char acTilesetImage [TS_IMG_PATH_LEN]
 Tileset image.
double dAnimDelay
 Animation delay.
double dAnimSpeed
 Animation speed.
Uint16 u16AnimTileSize
 Animated tile size.
AnimTile acAnimTile [ANIM_TILE_MAX]
 Animated tiles.
Uint16 u16ObjectCount
 Object count.
Object astObject []

Detailed Description

Map handle data.

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