Video_t Struct Reference

Video handle data. More...

#include <Video.h>

Data Fields

SDL_Renderer * pstRenderer
 Pointer to SDL2 rendering context.
SDL_Window * pstWindow
 SDL2 window handle.
Sint32 s32WindowWidth
 Window width in pixel.
Sint32 s32WindowHeight
 Window height in pixel.
Sint32 s32LogicalWindowWidth
 Logical window width in pixel.
Sint32 s32LogicalWindowHeight
 Logical window height in pixel.
Uint8 u8RefreshRate
 Refresh rate.
double dZoomLevel
double dInitialZoomLevel
 Initial zoom-level.
double dTimeA
 Point in time A.
double dTimeB
 Point in time B.
double dDeltaTime
 Delta time.

Detailed Description

Video handle data.

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